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Department Information

Control Systems and Technologies department was formed in 2012 as the result of association of Automated Control Systems department, Integrated Computer Technologies in Manufacturing department and Distributed Intelligent Systems department.

The educational process of the department involves more than 40 highly qualified teachers, including 13 professors, 22 associate professors, seven senior teachers and assistants.

Nowadays, the department is preparing Bachelors and Masters (full-time) in the direction of management in technical systems - one of the leading areas of excellence demanded by the Russian and foreign labor markets.

In the department are trained more than 300 budget and contract students, including those from many foreign countries.

Graduates of the department are able to solve a wide range of problems in the design and operation of control systems for advanced high-tech industries and industrial complexes, modern scientific research in various sectors of the real economy.

The best graduates of the department can continue their education to prepare a thesis for a PhD graduate STU.

Prof. Viacheslav P. Shkodyrev
Head of Control Systems and Technologies Dept. 

Phone: +7.812.329.4745