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Information for prospective students

In 2015 the department of “Control systems and technologies” provides a set of at bachelor in the department of  27.04.04 “Management in Technical Systems”. There are three profiles:

  • Systems and technical means of automation and control – 15 budget places
  • Traffic management system  - 15 budget places

  • Intellectual information of Processing and Management  - 18 budget places

There are three master’s degree programs in the department of “control in technical systems”27.04.04:

  • Automation of technological processes and production - 15 budget places

  • Electric drive control system - 15 budget places
  • Distributed intellectual Control system - 15 budget places

The master’s program in the department of “Computer Science and Engineering” 09.04.01:

  • Intellectual Systems (the international educational programs in English with two diplomas) – only commercial basis 

Admission is conducted through a competition based on the results of United Russian examination on a Russian language, mathematics and physics at the bachelor’s program.

Admission to the master’s program is carried out through a tender for delivery of the results of interdisciplinary entrance exam.

Details of admission in 2015 can be specigied on the site STU.