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Efficient learning means being able to put knowledge into practice. But it also means learning more in less time. In order to meet these demands, all our learning systems are integrated. We combine equipment sets and applications developed for activity-focused practical training with harmonized learning media and E-learning offerings to create a comprehensive learning system.

Laboratories "Intelligent control systems" and "Intelligent systems of industrial automation" focus on the development of new information technologies of intelligent control and information management networks, aimed at industrial automation and management of complex technological systems.

Laboratory equipment:

  • Intelligent control network of industrial controllers and machines with hierarchical organized architecture and simulation software environment management of complex and distributed objects and processes;
  • Robotic assembly line production based on hierarchical control network with a multi-agent architecture management;
  • The reactor and the filtration station simulate chemical industry for the design of intelligent control systems continuous process;
  • Universal system for managing distributed systems and mobile transport android robots;
  • Universal distribution management system drives and actuators for industrial automation;
  • Mathematics and software intellectual control network "Multi-agent systems for decentralized management of distributed objects and processes."