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List of Offices

Building # Office # Description
15th 104 Dormitory Administration
Dormitory related information
15th 109 Medical Inspection Office
For medical checkups
15th 112 & 113 Migration & Visa Related University Services
For any visa related information & application for visa extension etc.
15th 202 Contract Department
Office where new contracts are issued & tuition fees
related questions are answered
15th 203 Deanery for foreign students
Enrollment Information
15th 204 Head of Deanery for foreign students
15th 225 Academic Mobility Department
All information related to student exchange programs
15th 228 Admissions office for International Students
All admissions related queries are dealt
15th 515 Documents Estimation/Verification Department
All educational & other documents are verified here
16th 101 Pass and Registration Office
Place where temporary & permanent Student
(electronic) ID cards may be collected
9th 210 Deputy Director of Institute of Computer Science & Technologies
Associate Professor Alexei Vasiliev
9th 221 Deanery of Institute of Computer Science & Technologies
Place of Issuance of Student ID book, Exam book &
place where all student academic records are kept. Also place where request for retaking failed exams can be filed.
9th 229 Director of Institute of Computer Science & Technologies
Professor Vladimir Zaborovskiy


Access to Library

            Apart from the small library on the 5th floor of the 15th building, room 524, the Main Scientific Library (as shown in Appendix) of Saint Petersburg State University has more than 6.9 million printed books and manuscripts in its collections and provides access to more than 100 thousand electronic resources, including academic journals, monographs, dissertations, reference books, etc. The Library occupies one of the leading positions among university libraries in Russia in terms of the quality and diversity of the library stock.

          The Library's main goal is to ensure efficient library service and maintain all areas of education and research at St. Petersburg University.  Scientific Library of Saint Petersburg state university is used by the University staff, Russian and international students as well as by individual researchers. Library working hours are convenient, and the quality of service meets your expectations. On this website you can find out what the Library offers to the academic community and individual visitors:,

Also, a miniature version of the same library with all its electronic databases is on the 2nd floor of the 16th Building, room 203.  

How to obtain a Library Card

Once the permanent student ID has been issued, the student needs to go to the Main Library office, fill out a form in order to obtain a username and password and get himself/herself registered.

Other Information

Information about other Educational programs, Tuition fees and other additional information you can find on our web sites:


Admission’s Office Email:
Admission’s Office Email:
Control Systems & Technologies Department Email:
Control Systems & Technologies Department Telephone: +7(812)297-16-28